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6 things to do in Hyderabad in 2016

Hyderabad is one of the most popular cities of India. Commonly  known as the city of pearls, this place has a lot to offer to you. If you visit Hyderabad, there is not a single thing, but quite a number of things which you do when you are on a tour of this beautiful  city.

If we compare to other cities of India, then Hyderabad has a huge number of  options where  you can enjoy and explore the most.  … Read More

Best Banquet Halls in Hyderabad

Why our Guests consider Katriya Hotel’s Banquets as Best Banquet Halls in Hyderabad?

The Occasions are always special and way of celebrating those occasions also need to be very special as you cannot just afford to miss the chance to make your memories unforgettable. If there is any marriage, Birthday Party, Kitty Party, or any conference is on the way and you are unable to decide the best banquet hall, which will suit your all requirements, then this piece of writing is a must read for you as here we will discuss the Read More

Hyderabadi Cuisine

5 Hyderabadi Cuisine you Cannot Afford to Miss

Hyderabad is one of the popular city in India, best known for its food and infrastructure, this place attracts many tourists from all over the globe. If you are a food lover and want to enjoy different cuisines,  then the Hyderabadi Food can actually be a big treat for your taste buds. In this piece of writing, we will discuss the Hyderabadi Cuisine which you cannot just miss having as  a passionate food lover.

Hyderabadi Cuisine

Hyderabadi Cuisine has … Read More

Gangadhara 1

Heart Touching Story of a Retired Railway Employee who used his entire Pension to fill 1100+ Potholes in Hyderabad

Gangadhara, the Good Samaritan from Hyderabad, who fills potholes to make your journey safe.

Did you follow the news on T.V and newspapers where there was this young couple on a two wheeler, the lady in the pillion fell and injured herself seriously when her husband hit a pothole?

What made it to the news channels was the fact that the husband was charged, yes CHARGED, for driving into a pothole and causing injury to his wife!

How bizarre

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Easy ways to make Reservations at Kuchipudi Restaurant in Hyderabad

Restaurant reservations were evolved as a courtesy and a convenience have now transformed in to a business of its own. They are discussed as a hot topic in every renowned as well as medium class restaurant, especially if they serve something that is out of league. For instance at Kuchipudi restaurant in Hyderabad you will find many but the ones that bring the true taste and culture of Andhra and inspire the tradition of Telugu are very few. Here are … Read More

Hotel in Hyderabad

How a Three Star Hotel In Hyderabad Improves Your Vacation

Charminar - Vaccation destination 3 star hotel in hyderabad

Vacations, the time that everyone loves and enjoys! Whether it’s a honeymoon, a family holiday, a business trip or just for a change, no one can deny a holiday. Taking an off from all the stresses becomes a stress itself if you have to spend a lot, especially while staying in some hotel.

Everyone wants to have luxuries at the prices of local hotels. While it seems little tricky and impossible, especially while you are travelling to cities like Hyderabad … Read More