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Best Restaurants in Hyderabad

Hotel Katriya is amongst the best luxury hotels in Hyderabad with a lineup of restaurants like K Sky Grill, Kasuall and Kuchipudi, all of which rank in the best food restaurants in Hyderabad. If you are looking for the best restaurants in Hyderabad for lunch or looking for that perfect luxury dining restaurant in Hyderabad, Katriya Hotel and Towers would not disappoint you for sure. The restaurants at the hotel are vouched for being good ambience restaurants in Hyderabad.

What Makes Kasuall Dining & Lounge Bar special?
If you love night life and would like to chill out in the evenings with your friends, colleagues or family members you can try out the Kasuall Dining & Lounge Bar at the hotel. With its comfortable lounge-style sofas and a variety of cocktails to choose from, you can sit back and relax savoring the delicacies and listening to some real good music. Lunch buffets can be exciting and fun at Kasuall Dining Lounge Bar. Finally wind up the night with that perfect dinner at K sky grill under the moonlight on in open terrace ambience.

Various cuisines served in the restaurants
The Hotel has various ambience restaurants in Hyderabad that offers a huge range of cuisine to provide the guests of the hotel with multiple choices. The different restaurants here offer different cuisines. Various guests arrive in the hotel from different parts of India. As different people have different tastes the hotel offers variety of cuisines to their guests in the various wings of luxury dining restaurant in Hyderabad so that the guests can get a homely feeling away from their home. One cannot miss experiencing the best restaurants in Hyderabad for lunch at this hotel.

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