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Best Venue to Watch World Cup Matches in Hyderabad.

If you can’t make it to the stadium during this world cup, you can always try the alternative option of watching it in a bar with other cricket fans and your friends! There may not be just as many fans cheering with you as in the stadium, but in the HI-Times bar the atmosphere can guarantee a great viewing experience.

HI-Times is the most accessible bars in hyderabad with an ample car parking of 250 cars and luxury ambience. Boasting large HD screens to display the matches, you won’t be missing a single cricketing action in this bar. Though the bar has a large area, the screen have been placed around so you can see them from almost anywhere within the bar.

Here you can see all the matches, and the biggest yearly tournaments.

The place isn’t too expensive either, you can avail the HI-TIMES world cup offer, where in you get unlimited drinks and starters for only Rs.999 so tag along with your friends (or just for yourself, whatever!) and you can order some coffee and basic meals throughout the day.

The place is always crowded, especially if there is an important match going on in the TV. Make sure you’ll be there really early for this world cup 2015 events!

For bulk reservations and early booking discounts call us on 040 – 23325678/66135678 or 98495 97052

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