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sightseeing in Hyderabad

6 Questions you should not ask the Hotel Staff!

Staying in hotels is a necessity for people who are on the move constantly for business purposes. Taking a survey of the people who constantly move around is the way to understand how to deal with hotel staff while staying at hotels and understand the type of communication one can have with staff during hotel stay in Hyderabad or whether it is a hotel in Hamilton.

The psychology of all managements running the hotel is same – to provide comfortable … Read More

Book Hotel in Hyderabad

10 Things to Consider Before Booking a Hotel in Hyderabad

Nizams have ruled the state and the state still has the golden dust of NIZAMNESS. So its known for travel and experience. In case you also wish to tour the city, then it would be wise to stay in a Hotel in Hyderabad which gives you a package of accommodation as well as sightseeing. Not all the hotels offer such packages but good hotels from Hyderabad have such facilities.

The jewellers to the sari, the movies-politics. Everything makes the … Read More

Business Hotels in Hyderabad

Business Hotels in Hyderabad – What to Expect?

Hotel services are cost effective if you are lucky enough to find one 🙂 Getting separate rooms for business purpose gets costly as compared to sharing the same room in a 3 star Hyderabad hotel. In fact, you can look for options like booking business hotels in Hyderabad .

3 star best hotel

Unlike usual hotel rooms that are meant for regular visitors and household trips, Hyderabadi accomodations are about space and amenities meant for corporate travelers.

Business Hotels in Hyderabad keep on adding

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Budget Hotel in Hyderabad

4 Quick Tips for Booking a Budget Hotel in Hyderabad India

We always try to spend Minimum on our Hotel stay anywhere we go. But how to make it minimum that is something tricky. When you plan for a vacation, it’s usual to spend out of the budget and forget not to overspend.  It’s the time when you are taking a break from everything and that’s why money comes at the last priority. Today we will discuss about – How to get a budget Hotel in Hyderabad?

1) First thing

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Hyderabad Hotels

Hyderabad Hotels: Expectations v/s. Reality

While you are planning your vacations or a trip, you are filled up with lots of expectations about the place, the people and more importantly the accommodations. We are talking about Hyderabad hotels here. You will find some good hotels in Hyderabad and then there are Top Hotels in Hyderabad.

Both of them offer a lot on their websites but in reality sometime they fall short. We are not here to insult or degrade the rapport but just tickling … Read More

Budget Hotels in Hyderabad

Traveling the Economical Lifestyle at Budget Hotels in Hyderabad

Travelling the economical lifestyle is crucial for numerous reasons one of them being: The less we spend on stay, the more time we can explore! Knowing how to travel on a budget and economical way allows you to have more time and saving, sustaining less revenue while on trips. While accommodations are the biggest part of expenditure for any stay, finding the right budget hotels in Hyderabad or opting for a 3 star hotels in Hyderabad rather than a … Read More

business hotels in hyderabad

Guide for Selecting Business Hotels in Hyderabad

When it comes to spending on business travel than not all the business travelers are empowered to choose their preferred brands of travel services, airlines, or Business Hotels in Hyderabad, especially when they are not the ones who are paying for it.

Interestingly, finding a cheap yet convenient hotel in Hyderabad is more like a hope, rather than an expectation. Hyderabad, being a city of amuses and culture hosts several spots to explore along with your business tour. For … Read More

6 things to do in Hyderabad in 2016

Hyderabad is one of the most popular cities of India. Commonly  known as the city of pearls, this place has a lot to offer to you. If you visit Hyderabad, there is not a single thing, but quite a number of things which you do when you are on a tour of this beautiful  city.

If we compare to other cities of India, then Hyderabad has a huge number of  options where  you can enjoy and explore the most.  … Read More

Gangadhara 1

Heart Touching Story of a Retired Railway Employee who used his entire Pension to fill 1100+ Potholes in Hyderabad

Gangadhara, the Good Samaritan from Hyderabad, who fills potholes to make your journey safe.

Did you follow the news on T.V and newspapers where there was this young couple on a two wheeler, the lady in the pillion fell and injured herself seriously when her husband hit a pothole?

What made it to the news channels was the fact that the husband was charged, yes CHARGED, for driving into a pothole and causing injury to his wife!

How bizarre

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Easy ways to make Reservations at Kuchipudi Restaurant in Hyderabad

Restaurant reservations were evolved as a courtesy and a convenience have now transformed in to a business of its own. They are discussed as a hot topic in every renowned as well as medium class restaurant, especially if they serve something that is out of league. For instance at Kuchipudi restaurant in Hyderabad you will find many but the ones that bring the true taste and culture of Andhra and inspire the tradition of Telugu are very few. Here are … Read More