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Come Taste The Age Old Telugu Cuisine

Come Taste The Age Old Telugu Cuisine
Come Taste The Age Old Telugu Cuisine

The authentic Telugu Cuisine is back in the completely revamped Kuchipudi. Kuchipudi is the truly traditional restaurant in Katriya Hotel and Towers for exploring the real spice and flavour of Telugu taste. Food lovers can get back their delicacy and deliciousness of Telugu cuisine in the most pleasing ambiance. The interiors are well designed by traditional art works and wall postures that reflect the true richness of the Telugu people, culture and customs. Katriya Hotel and Towers has brought back the delightful restaurant “Kuchipudi” in the most revamped style.

Kuchipudi @ Katriya Hotels and Towers is named as the famous dance art form of Indian classical from Andhra Pradesh. The restaurant is decorated with beautiful antique village Telugu culture and traditions. To discern palate to the favorites of authentic Telugu cuisine, expert chefs have created a speckled fare that brings the true spirit and culture of Telugu. Food lovers can now have the pleasure of enjoying the food of the Telugu cuisine all at the one point of place at Hyderabad.

The concept is introduced for the food lovers who want to take a break from their routine food and enjoy the feast of delicious food outside home. Kuchipudi has different varieties of food dishes like Royyalu Iguru, Bommidalu Puusu, Kodi Guddu Omlet curry, Gongura MamsamPulihora, Keema Pulao, Raagi Sangati, Authantic Kunda Birayani and many more, and if you are looking for light eve snake we also have Keema Dosa, Idli With Kodi pulusu, Ragi Sankati with Ulavacharu and the menu go’s on….. You can taste the spice of different varieties of the pickles, curries, sweets, rice, and other snack items.

Why chose any other restaurant for your lunch / Dinner or eve snake? Just visit Kuchipudi restaurant for a delicious Veg & Non – Veg food feast. Take your lunch? Dinner or eve snake in Kuchipudi restaurant and enrich your experience of tasting the true Telugu cuisine. The hotel has the ambience, facilities, charisma and stylishness for magnetizing visitors through its cordial reception and serving the guests in a special way.

Plan today for a thrilling lunch / Dinner or eve Snake; with verity of liquors at the restaurant and give a yummy treat to your family and friends or business partners. Katriya has a warming welcome for you to taste and experience the greatness of Telugu taste.

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