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Helpings Unlimited @ Orchid a Multi Cuisine Restaurant in Katriya

Orchid, a Multi Cuisine Restaurant in Katriya Hotel and Towers offers the delicious flavors of food to spice you in unlimited manner. OrchidHelpings Unlimited is a big bite of food through exploring tastes of buffet dishes. It’s a buffet that many have claimed to be so big that a bite of each dish is enough to satisfy one’s hunger. Of course you could keep helping yourself of your favorites in an unlimited manner.

Orchid is a chic multi cuisine restaurant and coffee shop redesigned to launch exclusive flavors with scrumptious buffet. “The Soup’s on” is a new thought to delight the guest experience in Orchid. Feel the aromatic essence and delicious flavors in the exclusive offer of Lunch @ Rs.325 and Dinner @ Rs 385. Orchid also offers 24 hour coffee shop to guests.


Plan for a lunch or dinner buffet for your family and surprise them with a pleasant dining experience. You can find delicious dishes of Vegetarian and Non-Vegetarian items arranged in the most pleasing manner that allures any type of guest to explore the taste of each single dish. You can plan to take your valentine for lunch or dinner, what can be more exciting than the Orchid-Helpings Unlimited buffet.

If you are just sick of eating at home, and want to taste real new flavors, you can always try a scrumptious feast at Orchid. A buffet, full of mouth watering dishes in the pleasant ambiance of the restaurant is just within your reach at Somajiguda. Katriya has unfolded its treasure of food delicacies to guests in the most wonderful way. The hospitable gestures and the king size treatment that Katriya showers makes guest feel on top of the world. Katriya is a four star hotel that has all the facilities that allure the common to richest person who feels to dine, wine and stay.

Orchids is the Great choice to get the best chicken Wings and many more tasty and yummy dishes. Plan for a party at your favorite hotel designed for the delighting people from all over the world and especially from different parts of India and the very own HYDERABAD.

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