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10 Things to Consider Before Booking a Hotel in Hyderabad

Nizams have ruled the state and the state still has the golden dust of NIZAMNESS. So its known for travel and experience. In case you also wish to tour the city, then it would be wise to stay in a Hotel in Hyderabad which gives you a package of accommodation as well as sightseeing. Not all the hotels offer such packages but good hotels from Hyderabad have such facilities.

The jewellers to the sari, the movies-politics. Everything makes the city of Nizams a must visit place in India. Hence, there are few things which are vital for travelling no matter where we may go. They are a place to stay, sites to see, food to eat, etc. You must read a few guidelines before you book Hyderabad hotel.

Everyone has heard of the hotel stories. Some are romantic, and some are full of bugs like dirty rooms and disturbing discoveries. These are enough to make a traveller neurotic about the nature of his or her room. Though the details do vary, but there are a handful of things worth considering before Hyderabad Hotel Booking. 

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Must-Dos before you Book Hotel in Hyderabad

1) Compare rate

While booking a hotel, always remember to call the authorities informing of a competitive rate because a bitter competition might just be the key to lower prices than any web-based reservation. Although the rates are fixed but still you can try if  you can get some concession.

2) Check reviews

Book Hotel in Hyderabad

Before booking try to look out for Trip Advisor,, Fodo’s, Agoda and which are among good review sites. They give you the appropriate pricing.

Not only does it make it easy for the customer but also gives a clear picture of how your room would look and the features of room. If you want an honest recommendation while booking, these sites may help.

3) Call before you Book

Hyderabad Hotel Booking

If you book through a website kindly call the hotel and check on them. As once booked you cannot make any changes and web transaction cannot be modified. Hotels might pay up to 30 percent to online booking sites. So offer you 20 percent less than the online price and both come out ahead.

4) Remember the Check In time for Hotels

Most of the time you may arrive early, or you reach late in hotel. Check in time needs to be flexible else it will be very tough for accommodation. In case you arrive earlier and want to take a short break, don’t rush up the cleaning staff to clean fast, possibly compromising the cleanliness of the room. Good hotels offer you best service without compromising anything.

5) Be friendly with the staff

good hotels in Hyderabad

It is advised to be helpful to the room service people. The perks that they might have are an unseen treasure. They know in and around like no other. Most of them are glad to help.

If you ask them the smallest doubt, they might just give you a Wikipedia load of information so that you know where to park so you can’t inspect your car from the internal. Staff would like to serve you better and honestly only if you are nice to them. What goes around come around! Karma!

6) Disable long distance calling

If one isn’t using it then have it turned off. The reason is that many good hotels have a situation where the employee make calls from the visitor’s  room while they are away. Although it’s easy to trace the call in your bill but try not to use the extended distance, unless you wish to pay a price for a 5-minute call.

It’s best to ask them to turn it off completely. Although there haven’t been such circumstances yet, but why give an opportunity? Money doesn’t grow on trees. Does it?

7) Tip the cleaning staff

book hotels in hyderabad

By giving a tip to the person for cleaning your room, getting you whatever you wanted and for their service, this way they will offer better service. If you travel steadily, use the same hotel each time. You will know the staff and Regulars are diagnosed and treated as VIPs. You could get free ascents, discounts, and many more. They would probably give you the best service! Like the movie “I would give the best service & you’d never want to let me go.

8) Avoid Continental Breakfast

Good Hyderabadi hotels are identified for their DUM BIRYANI, but it’s not a bad idea to try continental meals. The best hotels are known to serve all cookeries but it’s better to avoid it and try their particular delicacies as it makes your taste buds go dancing to new spices and taste.

9) Postpone then Cancel

If you want to cancel your reservation due to any emergency and don’t wish to pay reservation fees just postpone the dates. This will get you out of cancellation fees.

10) Inspect the room

Hotel in Hyderabad

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Final Words on Hotel Booking

It’s critical to inspect the room you will stay. Always demand washed linens when you check in. Top Hyderabadi hotels wash the sheets every day, but blankets often only get cleaned once a week and the bedspreads? If there’s no visible spot, it’s maybe once a month.

If you request a king bed, there’s no guarantee you will get. So, no matter how convinced the reservation agent sounds, call immediately and make the request again a few days before you travel. Then do it again during the day. If you still don’t have one when you get there, and you’re accurate about it, they may upgrade you to a series.

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