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Hyderabad Hotels: Expectations v/s. Reality

While you are planning your vacations or a trip, you are filled up with lots of expectations about the place, the people and more importantly the accommodations. We are talking about Hyderabad hotels here. You will find some good hotels in Hyderabad and then there are Top Hotels in Hyderabad.

Both of them offer a lot on their websites but in reality sometime they fall short. We are not here to insult or degrade the rapport but just tickling a funny bone 🙂

Here are some classy examples of expectations v/s reality on your visit to a Hyderabad Hotel

Expectation #1: You will find a blue pool nobody around for meters giving you free space to relax and rejuvenate at some good hotels in Hyderabad.

Reality: You arrive, desperate to jump and relax in the pool of water and ooh! You find so many strangers in different shapes and sized looking at you awkwardly! Make sure to consult real people before setting the expectations.

Expectation #2: Centrally localized room in one of the top hotels in Hyderabad perfect to stay added with a discount!

Reality: In reality you will pay what you have to pay for! Chances are that you need to compromise on location or luxury or look out for a decent alternative good hotel in Hyderabad. Pictures can be deceiving sometimes.

Expectation #3: You will end up paying what was exactly written in the advertisement.

Reality: While the base bill will be the same, there will be taxes, occupancy taxes, service taxes, tips, additional water taxes, and lot of others. There are high chances you will fall trap to the hidden charges. So, beware and find the right hotel that doesn’t make such false promises.

Expectation #4: You will be relaxed and fresh after all the travel and that’s why you don’t need a good stay.

Reality: Keep in mind that travelling is not relaxing. It is as tiring as a full-time job as you need to carry your luggage along with you. You might need to walk a lot and end up exhausted. So it’s better to find some good hotel that offers convenience.

Expectation #5: You will have plethora of cuisines on your bedside the moment you order.

Reality: This is a far off dream. You will get lots of food options at many places but cuisines delivered on your bed side within minutes of order is not that easy!


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