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Hyderabadi Cuisine

5 Hyderabadi Cuisine you Cannot Afford to Miss

Hyderabad is one of the popular city in India, best known for its food and infrastructure, this place attracts many tourists from all over the globe. If you are a food lover and want to enjoy different cuisines,  then the Hyderabadi Food can actually be a big treat for your taste buds. In this piece of writing, we will discuss the Hyderabadi Cuisine which you cannot just miss having as  a passionate food lover.

Hyderabadi Cuisine

Hyderabadi Cuisine has a lot to offer and then also you will end up asking for more and more. So, if you are tired of the same food you get every day, you can actually indulge with some of the delicious dishes of Hyderabad. Kebabs to Biryani, the Royal Hyderabadi food will be no less a big treat for you.  Let us look at the cuisines which are very popular in this beautiful city:

Hyderabadi Biryani

Hyderabadi Cuisine

If you are fond of different kinds of Biryanis, then you cannot just afford to miss Hyderabadi Biryani. The Biryani in Hyderabad is generally made up of chicken or mutton, mixed with rich ingredients, this delicious Biryani is a must for all the food lovers.  This dish is so popular in Hyderabad that people have it in any part of their meals, be it breakfast, lunch or dinner.

Hyderabadi Marag

Hyderabadi marag hyderabadi dishes

This is again the best thing you can get to eat in Hyderabad. If you have tried all the soups and, have become tired of drinking the same thing on a regular basis, you will be delighted to taste Hyderabadi marag,  this soup is made with tender mutton and, it is very light in texture, so the perfect starter for your meal.

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Keema Samosa

Keema Samosa

We all have tried the common Samosa, one can get from a nearby place, but have  you ever heard about Keema Samosa? This is one of the best food items in Hyderabadi cuisine, and the combo Keema and Samosa will the best snack for you. Tasting this perfect combo will be no less than a party for your taste buds.


Paaya hyderabadi dishes

If you haven’t tasted this dish yet, then you are actually missing something very big as this is one of the best dishes available in India and you cannot just afford to get it out of your taste buds.  This dish is prepared with goat trotters and roasted spices, served with hot steamed rice, this dish will give the best pleasure to taste buds.

Murgh Do Pyaza

Murgh Do Pyaaza restaurants in hyderabad

If you are a non vegetarian and you haven’t tried Murgh Do Pyaza, then you are missing something really good. As the name itself says “Murgh” which means chicken. This recipe is the best thing you can have in your life. Murgh does pyaza will offer you the real Hyderabadi flavors.

So, Hyderabadi cuisine has everything you can ask for, the best treat ever for all the food lovers.

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Happy Eating 😉

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