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Katriya Hotel The Best Business Hotel in Hyderabad

The Best Business Hotel in Hyderabad
The Best Business Hotel in Hyderabad

Business Meetings, Professional Tie-ups, Conferences, Annual General Body Meeting, and Official Events and many more corporate presentations are all taking place in Hotels for the remarkable experience that’s fascinating almost of all the corporate business holds from small, medium to large level. Official events are well organized in the most fascinating way in hotels to make the event an outstanding one for all the invitees and guests.

Hotels in Hyderabad have elegant edifice with different professional thoughts and event management to allure guests who visit meetings to spend their valuable time that’s worthwhile. Hotels are the prime centre of attraction for people to host their events irrespective of business type. In Hyderabad, we have elite hotels from five stars to three star luxury hotels that act as exclusive venues for many birthdays, engagements, marriages, anniversaries, cradle ceremonies. Not only for parties, hotels host events like music release functions, award give away functions, professional annual meeting, conference meeting, college fresher’s or farewell parities.

Katriya Hotel and Towers is one of the leading Business Hotels in Hyderabad that creates the best ambience for all Business/Official Meetings. If you have to host business meetings in hotels of Hyderabad, you will have wider choice of five stars to three star luxury hotels. Hyderabad is always a place for electrifying events in and around. In this elegant city, hotels are well equipped with different modern amenities and special event managements that make the occasion in most pleasant way.

Katriya is one of the best four star hotels in Hyderabad known for its rich event management services and offerings of the delicious food for the specific guest types. Katriya has been a great choice for people to select among the other hotels as it offerings and servings are at more reasonable rates and organize parties with quality management. Katriya is well crafted with beautiful aesthetics in and around with antique interiors. One can choose from many majestic avenues that Katriya has for organising event of any type. Also there are many venues where an event can be organized like night clubs, restaurants, hotels, gardens and banquet halls.

Make a way and think big in turning your Business/Official Meetings a grand success by hosting your conference in one of the best 18 banquet halls of Katriya Hotel and Towers. Katriya Hotel and Towers can provide customised meeting rooms, cutting-edge technology, fine banqueting, personalized activities, custom-arranged rooms and on-demand services. On event day, you will have all the facilities managed for you on quick note.

The food at Katriya hotel is again splendid way to allure your guests. Katriya Hotel offers Scrumptious, Tasty, Yummy, Lip Smacking, Delicious and Appetizing food to guests through its fascinating restaurants. Katriya Hotel always strives to give its guest the best flavour by adding amazing multi cuisines to provide a rich dining experience to the guests.

Katriya Hotel has Theatre style, Class room, Reception, Board Room in the banquet halls. The list of banquet halls are named with great elegance and reflects the rich prosperity of Hyderabad Nawabhi culture – Grand Vijayanagara, Grand Vijayanagara I, Grand Vijayanagara II, Grand Vijayanagara III, Grand Vijayanagara IV, Vijayanagara I, Vijayanagara II, Kshetra, Kshetra II, Kshetra III, Kshetra IV, Kshetra V, Lawn, Terrace, Board Room I, Board Room II, Board Room III, Board Room IV, Board Room V.

You can select the most applicable and available banquet hall from the ready list of 18 banquet halls present in Katriya Hotel for enhancing your banqueting experience.

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