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Katriya, the most elegant hotel in Hyderabad for versatile guests


Hyderabad is famous for the charming and elegant hotels that are luxurious besides being affordable for versatile guests of all income groups. Everybody plans for a vacation to make it the most memorable moment of their life. Hotels in Hyderabad are found in each and every corner of the city ranging from two stars to five star hotels.

Hyderabad is center of attraction for people almost from every state of India and also from abroad. It has gained a great recognition for being a primary center for IT services and a favorite holiday destination with rich heritage of monuments, museums, parks, forts & palaces.

There are different types of hotels designed to cater the needs of the guests from different places of the world. There are Star hotels, Budget hotels, Business hotels and Luxury hotels in Hyderabad, each category of hotels have great approach to suit to the requirements of the guests from all over India and abroad.

These hotels are well crafted with designer interiors and give a pleasant feel of delightedness. With the unique presence of hospitality and generosity, Hyderabad hotels welcome the international guests by offering comfort, amenities, and flexibility to stay for a longer period of time.

Hotels in Hyderabad range from the five star luxuries hotels to four stars to three star hotels. There are number of hotels in the category of four star hotels, amongst all the hotels, Katriya is one of the best 4 star hotels in Hyderabad situated in Somajiguda, near Raj bhavan road.

Katriya Hotels & Towers, Hyderabad allures its guests with delicacy and modesty. It is known for its rich heritage of Hyderabad Nawabhi culture and hospitality, gestures and amenities for guests. There are well decorated spacious rooms and suites that gives you the immense pleasure of being there and enjoying the vacation. There are 225 suites and rooms that include 80 premium Katriya Tower rooms and a Presidential suite. Every single room is designed with a unique blend of aesthetics with special offering of contemporary services.  Recently it has been awarded as the best four star hotels for the year 2012 by EPICURUS & AP HOTEL Association.

Katriya reshapes, reinvents and redesigns its services in the most attractive way to be always unique and demanding.

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