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Katriya’s “Massage Packs”- a Refreshing Pitch to Bounce Back to Life

A point of relaxation from stress filled life styles and hectic professional schedules is  a compulsory requirement for any individual who wants to have  an refreshing pitch to bounce back to life. Once the guest arrives at Katriya for a vacation or a professional meeting, the staff of the hotel warmly welcomes them with a pleasant generosity that reflects the true hospitality of the Nawab culture of Hyderabad.

Apart from the regular amenities and flexibilities, Katriya offers Massage packs for those who are interested in that particular activity. Katriya Hotel & Towers, the best Four star hotels in Hyderabad offers different massage types for versatile guests from all over the world like Ayurveda massage, Swedish massage, Thai massage, Sports massage and Relaxation.

Massage is a way to heal from pain or trauma through the human touch without involving any kind of drugs or surgical methods. It is a natural ability of body to heal through different styles of massage. Katriya has massage specialists from all over world who are experts and have proven experience in giving various massages.

Guests can choose their option and preference from the different massages offered by Katriya hotel. Ayurveda Massage is the most ancient Indian technique performed for relaxing body and healing many ailments. Swedish massage is a classic massage preferred by English, Québécois and Dutch speaking countries that helps in healing pains related to joints and knees. Thai Massage is ancient traditional form of massage in Thailand which is a mixture of both Indian and Chinese tradition of medicine. Sports massage is a similar to Swedish massage that helps in stimulation and circulation of blood and lymph fluids for athletes to prepare and fine tune their bodies for best performance.

Relaxation massage is basically the identical as a mild Swedish massage that uses smooth, and gliding strokes to calm down the nervous system to improve the entire blood circulation and stimulation.

It is the right time for people to choose the accurate massage packs to give themselves a desirable focus on their mental and physical health points. When you have planned to visit hotel for either vacation, stay for business meeting, attending an event or an occasion, Why not try the massage packs and enhance your life with relaxation and happiness.

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