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Kuchipudi Promoting Telugu Culture in a New Way

You say “Kuchipudi”, the one thing that strikes your mind is an awesome feel of Telugu culture and traditions to you right!

YES, “Telugu”, a language or you can say a collective formation of rich traditions and culture that people follow in mannerisms as well the food court that has the rich spice of tastiness. It is the most renowned name for inheriting many authentic values and customs in the way of dressing, cuisine styling and hospitality.

If you are really looking for some authentic feel of gesture through food and hospitality to inspire your inner emotions and relax you back into our age old traditional ambience, plan for a superior lunch / late lunch or Tiffin’s / Dinner with your spouse or family or friends or colleagues or business partners at “KUCHIPUDI “- the most awaited restaurant revamped in new style at Katriya Hotel and Towers.

The restaurant has reshaped to shower the glimpse of the whole Telugu culture in the form of food spices, vibes, attire, interiors, gestures and gratitude. Once you enter the restaurant, you can feel the splendid atmosphere set around you reflecting the Telugu culture in high spirits.

You must be aware of a general saying about people’s food habits, it’s said as people usually get allured to many ready made foods at earlier stages of their passion towards them, but ultimately the only food that serves their conscious inner satisfaction is only through intake of the traditional food.

Remember, here is a point and place for you to get satisfied with the most exclusively available authentic Telugu cuisine serves. Get back to relish your childhood days or youth days, while sipping the traditional drink of Panakum that your Granny would have made many times for you while you were a kid. Many more mouth-watering dishes to spice you back into olden and golden days when your mother used to feed you with her hand telling stories. Explore and treasure all those way back moments again with the rich spiced dishes like Telugu Kodi Koora, Gongura Mamsam, Ragi Sankati, Kuchipudi Kodi, Bisi Bele Bath, and Veg Dum Biryani. Find more lip-smacking vegetarian & non vegetarian food items with customized mock tails and cocktails to give you the rich essence of partying and treasuring wonderful moments in life. Find many sea food dishes from coastal area, various spicy and hot varieties of Pickles that form an important part of Telugu cuisine.

Stay tuned for the next blog on “TELUGU DELICIOUS DISHES in DELIGHFUL WAY” to explore and know the different food dishes in the menu of Kuchipudi Restaurant of Katriya Hotel and Towers.

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