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Made For Each Other Offer @ K Sky Grill

K Sky Grill
Made For Each Other Offer @ K Sky Grill

Make your Wednesdays more WONDERFUL with the ultimate dine and wine (beer) offered in the unique and exciting Made for Each Other Offer @ K Sky Grill. Enjoying the tasty food and thrilling drinks in leisure or happy occasions is the most awaited moment for anyone to beat the regular routine life. Katriya Hotels and Towers has introduced a great excitement for food and drink lovers with the unique concept of dine and wine – “Made for Each Other Offer @ K Sky Grill.

You must be wondering and getting very excited to know about Made for Each Other Offer right!!!

Here it is for all of you, Get Beer with a Pot Biryani is the concept of Made for Each Other Offer. The offer is valid only on Wednesdays. Enjoy your Wednesdays with full fun and cheer tasting the exotic spice of highly flavoured biryani with the chilling beer. Pot Biryani and Beer can be the greatest combination for people who love to make it as a perfect meal. Experience the aromatic flavor of authentic Pot Biryani with a chilled glass of beer.

Made for Each Other Offer is to attract guests to taste the delicious pot biryani and get an ice-cold beer along with it absolutely free. It will add a great experience of dining and wining for food lovers.

Relish the taste of pot biryani with sip of beer and enjoy the food items in presence of the lovely mood that will enhance your lively spirits. The natural scenes of lake view and pleasant breeze of cool air will raise your spirits in full swing. People who are planning for enjoying good food with a beer can plan a wonderful lunch/dinner at K Sky Grill with friends, colleagues and family members. The gracious cool breeze of air from the charismatic Husain sagar is all together an added pleasure to the guests.

Pot biryani is very famous in the South India and the most inventive state of Andhra Pradesh. It is an ancient form of cuisine that is inherited from Mughals. The blending of Mughlai, Andhra, and Telangana and Rayalaseema cuisines will delight your essence for love towards food. Especially Pot Biryani at K Sky Grill Restaurant is famous for its yummiest rich flavour and aroma of the Hyderabadi biryani.

Just make a way in your busy schedules of professional and personal life to open up the cheers of life through an awesome feel of dine and wine. Wednesdays are wonderful, if you think and plan. So what’s stopping you still, keep your mind bloom with the exciting offer of Made for Each Other, and Get a Beer with a pot biryani. The concept is initiated to bring more lovers of biryani and beer, so as to enrich their dining experience and affordability factors.

If you are looking to make your Wednesdays even more magnificent, but wondering how to make it happen, Here’s the great and exciting Made for Each Other Offer @ K Sky Grill to dip you in spice and chill out with beer. For more details make a call and to reserve your table:

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