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Kuchipudi Promoting Telugu Culture in a New Way

You say “Kuchipudi”, the one thing that strikes your mind is an awesome feel of Telugu culture and traditions to you right!

YES, “Telugu”, a language or you can say a collective formation of rich traditions and culture that people follow in mannerisms as well the food court that has the rich spice of tastiness. It is the most renowned name for inheriting many authentic values and customs in the way of dressing, cuisine styling and hospitality.

Come Taste The Age Old Telugu Cuisine

Come Taste The Age Old Telugu Cuisine
Come Taste The Age Old Telugu Cuisine

The authentic Telugu Cuisine is back in the completely revamped Kuchipudi. Kuchipudi is the truly traditional restaurant in Katriya Hotel and Towers for exploring the real spice and flavour of Telugu taste. Food lovers can get back their delicacy and deliciousness of Telugu cuisine in the most pleasing ambiance. The interiors are well designed by traditional art works and wall postures that reflect the true richness of the Telugu people, culture and … Read More

Celebrate Karaoke Nights @K Sky Grill

Karaoke Nights @K Sky Grill

Everyone has a special charm for singing but only few can explore the true mood of their liveliness through making it a profession or singing in their own private parties. The amazing way to express and open up your guests sparkling state of mind in singing through the karaoke concepts is just in vogue to allure guests in more impressive way.
It is a wonderful idea to get your guests on stage to sing their own way and show the … Read More

Extend Your Office Hours

Katirya Hotel
Software Professionals and Business Tycoons are always busy running from pillar to post for their work and meeting schedules. Life seems to be mechanically driven by developing round the clock workaholic nature. People hardly find time to spend in leisure with friends as they are held up in office in the peak evening hours between 5 PM– 7 PM. That deliberately makes them stay away from few happy meet ups with friends.

True Delight for Tasting Tongues

Dining tasty food in the pleasant atmosphere is the most enthralling moment of sharing joy and essence of life for anybody. If you are a food lover and wish to taste the spice of life cheering with people around you, plan for a lovely food feast at one of the best start hotels in Hyderabad. Hyderabad is famous for food specials like Biryanis by name and style of cooking and presentation style – Dum ki Biryani, Mughlai Biryani, Kunda (Pot) … Read More

Steak & Wine Festival @ K Sky Grill

The quote “Knowledge is Divine” is perhaps true and evident for all, but few intelligent fun folks even believe in saying

“Wine is Divine”.

Here’s a grand opening of Steak & Wine Festival from the most popular four star hotel Katriya Hotel & Towers at its most pleasing lake view restaurant- K Sky Grill. Grape Wine is the charming delight for all occasions and fun to have by all age groups. Here you have the lovely opportunity to celebrate … Read More

Katriya Hotel and Towers bags the Best Four Star Hotel Award in Hospitality

It’s a grand gala time for Katriya Hotel and Towers to once again celebrate the happy and glorious moment of bagging the prestigious award by EPICURUS & AP HOTEL Association as “Best Four Star Hotel Award in Hospitality in 2013”. Katriya Hotel and Towers is the most renowned and famous four star hotel in Hyderabad. It is also a great privilege for Katriya to win the “Certificate of Excellence Award from Trip Advisor for 2013”. Trip Advisor is the … Read More

Katriya The Real Treasure of Ambience and Delightfulness

Katriya – The Real Treasure of Ambience and Delightfulness
Ambience, the real essence of the feel in the atmosphere makes everyone experience the treasure of a residing and spending time at a place. The delicacy and inspiration from the family name of Gautama Buddha and in Irish meaning being “delightful”, Katriya delivers unique & charming experience to fascinate and cheer up the senses of guests to provide complete pleasure and comfort.

Katriya Hotel Greets Rejoicing Months for Celebrations

Indian rejoicing months are here to gracefully welcome the blending of relations, commitments, innovations, business ventures, launching and grand openings. Summer brings in more attractions and pleasure moments as people are mostly in vacations and have more time to spend with their family. It is the very base for beginning of the wedding season, where there are engagement parties, marriage ceremonies, receptions and dinner parties. The wedding season is ringing bells and calling for grand occasions and event planning at Read More