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Restaurants in Hyderabad

7 Blunders you do when you go out to Dine in Restaurants in Hyderabad

Hyderabad is the 400-year-old city of the Royal Nizam and now has become the fastest growing city in South India with advent of the IT and BT sector. Along with the ever rising growth of the industrial and pharmaceutical sectors and increasing population, many new restaurants in Hyderabad have been opened.

As with changing times, etiquettes are also changing from more informal centric to a more professional centric experience. This paradigm shift is most vividly seen when you go out to dine. There is a marked difference in the style and layout plan of best restaurants from Hyderabad and the items they serve in the menu.

From a more local centric approach and ambience, the contemporary professionalism and with a sophisticated charm, is engulfing the restaurants to meet the needs for a positive change.

Please don’t make these Silly Mistakes when you Dine at Restaurants in Hyderabad or for that matter, any Restaurant – It doesn’t look nice 😉

Here we list a few of the blunders at dinners you must avoid while visiting the Hyderabad restaurant as the changing needs of customers has given a subtle change in what is dished out to customers.

7) Not choosing the right kind of Restaurant to Dine

restaurants in Hyderabad

Have you chosen the correct Restaurant to Dine? 😀 When you go to a Hyderabadi Restaurant determine what food a particular restaurant is famous for and what is the food you plan to consume. Gone are the days when all round restaurants serving all types of local food.

People want variety and also mood raising ambience in this fast moving world. So you must select the right type of Hyderabad restaurant serving the right kind of food you wish to consume and giving you the right ambience to relish to eat there.

So, for example, going to a restaurant predominantly serving Mughalai food and ordering Chinese noodles does not make sense, as the ambience created in a Mughalai restaurant will be to consume Mughalai food including the dressing style of the serving staff.

Many restaurants have multi-cuisine sections and have different ambience and seating arrangements to cater to the need of customers.

So, in such instances one may find a separate bar zone for drinks, Mughalai food zone, Continental food zone, Chinese food zone, or vegetarian food zone.

A separate buffet zone/24-hour coffee/pastry shop – all under the same roof, but with distinctly different ambience in each of the specialty restaurants under the same roof. The top restaurants provide rich ambience and food for a fulfilling experience.

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6) Not recognising the use of Cutlery

Eating out? Lets look bit more decent. 😉 With the changing clientèle profile and influx of migrants from different parts of the country and world, so do the culinary habits experience a fusion and usage of cutlery is more prevalent in most of the hotels.

So a traditional Biryani which used to be consumed with hand is now savoured with forks and spoons.  The good restaurants provide the required cutlery, so that the customer need not ask for same.

For example, a customer from North-east part of India might be comfortable eating noodles with chopsticks and the good restaurants are ready to provide chopstick to this customer.

Understanding the importance use of cutlery like spoons, forks, spatulas, kadais, sizzler bowls, chopsticks etc. is of utmost importance.

Dining out is not just about eating, but involves grace, finesse to create a certain amount of respect to the food that is being cooked and served to the diner. What makes the restaurant best is also the etiquettes of the diner.

5) Starting the Food before the waiter has finished serving others

best Hyderabad restaurant

YOU ARE TOO MUCH IN HURRY OR TOO MUCH HUNGRY 😛 Here again, when in a group of diners who order different dishes wait for everyone on the table to be served before beginning to consume the meal.

Etiquette demands that while food is being served waiting for the person serving to finish serving to all the people in the group is important. Remember your etiquette and table manners.

4) Placing gadgets on the Dinner Table

Hyderabad restaurant

So, you are a Tech Geek? With the people having so many gadgets in hand, phones, tablets, laptops, kindly ensure you do not clutter the table with your gadgets on the table. Always keep it tucked away in its pouch away from the table.

For example, everyone puts his tablet or smartphone or even their spectacles on the table, there is 100% surety that the table space reduces and plus the risk of exposing the gadget or spectacles to a hot kadai or a hot sizzler pan increases, causing damage.

Instead of being asked to remove your gadgets to keep it safely, one must be conscious enough to avoid this mistake when you go to Hyderabad restaurant.

Many a times it’s seen customers fighting with the innocent bearers as to why they kept the hot Kadai of biryani or mushroom close to their tablet on the dining table.

Such mood spoiling scenarios can be avoided if the diner is conscious about his responsibility to take care of his electronic gadgets and strew it around here and there.

The good restaurants do provide adequate spacing to add to the ambience, so that clutter is not there for space and the ambience gets compromised.

3) Opening the caps of salt, pepper bottles

best restaurants in Hyderabad

You can use me without opening my head. 🙂 Usage of salt and pepper must be judicious and through the sieved bottles only in a Hyderabad restaurant or for that matter any restaurant.

Many times customers open the cap and try to dump salt and pepper into their salad. Always pass on the salt and pepper bottle together as usually both are needed.

2) Rubbing spoons and chopsticks

Hyderabad best restaurant

LOL, this it looks funny! Please avoid doing this. 😀 this Some people have the nasty habit of rubbing the spoons or chopsticks which is a strict no-no. The spoons or chopsticks are instruments that are sterilized and are an aid for you to eat and not to make noise by rubbing it against each other to create a squeaky sound.

1) Creating mess on the table in best restaurants in Hyderabad

Hyderabad best restaurants

Image Source: Smart Cooky

Keep the utensils properly in arranged manner in the center of the table so that everyone sitting at the table finds it accessible. Also ensure that the utensils are held outside with proper pad or holder instead of using your hands and creating trouble in the form of a light burn to your fingers while holding a hot pan.

The premier places to dine, do have an elevated rotating platform to keep the utensils in the centre of the table.

Dining Etiquettes one must have while Dining in Hyderabad Restaurants

→ At the table while dining in the restaurants always ensure after the first round of serving is over by the server that you serve yourself what you need a second time. And never try to serve the person sitting next to you or across you as it is always left best to an individual who is consuming the food.

→  Never dig into the food on your plate with the cutlery and create noise when the edge of the cutlery hits the bottom of the plate/dish.  Always eat with grace, munching softly and relishing the ambience of the hall and a pleasing face.

Remember there are many others who have come to relish food with good ambience and it is your responsibility to understand and follow the etiquettes of dining when you go out to dine.

→  Speak softly with a clear tone to your friends and family and never talk with your mouthful of food. You will not be understood by others plus it looks really bizarre to see a person mouthful of food trying to crack a joke or make a point without anyone understanding the head or tail of what you are telling.

It’s time to get Familier with Dining Etiquettes

Understand set of rules for better Dining Experience

Overall, there are so many blunders when one goes out to best restaurants to dine out in cities like Hyderabad or any other place. Dining out is a pleasant experience and great experience provided you understand yourself a set of rules that you will strictly follow.

When you follow them, dining out becomes an experience to remember and the restaurant also wishes that customers with etiquettes come often to improve the ambience of their place.

As written earlier, your etiquette and table manners will also be a contributing factor in making of the good restaurants.

Hyderabad is a great cosmopolitan city with some of the best restaurants to dine out. This experience will become undoubtedly joyful if you take a little bit more care in grooming yourself with the etiquettes to be followed as the ambience of a diner is equally important as the ambience he/she wishes to get when visiting them.

It is a mutually win-win situation for the diner as well as the restaurant. All it takes is a little effort to bring about the positive change in making dining out is a joyful experience. As the saying goes,

All it takes is a little effort to bring about the positive change in making dining out a joyful experience. As the saying goes, the best one always gets the best one, so now is the time for you to choose from restaurants in Hyderabad and spend some quality time with your loved ones 🙂

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