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11 Tricks to keep your Belongings Safe in your Hotel Room

There are so many cases of things being misplaced and stolen. To avoid being one of those people, here are some important measures to follow to keep your belongings safe in a hotel room.

Ways To Prevent Hotel Room Thefts

1. Purchase an anti-theft bag

The first and foremost thing to be safe is to buy an anti-theft bag when you are going to stay in a hotel. This is one of the major steps to avoid hotel theft.


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fun things to do in Hyderabad

8 Fun Things to do in Hyderabad for a more enjoyable stay

When you are on a trip, it is very natural to get bored and lonely running out of things to do. As Hyderabad is a busy city and there is not much scope for traveling all day long. So, to escape from the monotony in your trip to Hyderabad, here are few fun things to do in Hyderabad.

Beat the monotony and experience utmost joy with these fun things to do in Hyderabad

  • Go to the top of the

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travel apps

13 Travel Experts Reveal the Best Travel Apps So Far Used

Forget the armchair explorer : this is the age of the pocket traveller. Since smartphones burst onto the market, developers have come up with a wide range of travel apps designed to make your travel smoother, cheaper and more enjoyable. Business travelers are becoming more and more dependent on mobile devices – and why shouldn’t they?

There are many travel apps but it’s difficult to decide which one is the best 😀 So, we’ve rounded up a selection of the … Read More

hotel room inspection

Hotel booking in Hyderabad – Checklist for Room Inspection

There are hotel rooms provided especially for the sake of families to stay. Let’s face it, when a family is staying at the hotel, it is a completely different scenario. The kids all over the place, the requirements of the mother are all a hectic thing to handle. Before hotel booking, there are few things you must keep in your mind.

Key things to keep in mind before Hotel booking in Hyderabad

  • The features for kid’s safety

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hotel room

How to Stay Sane while staying in a Hotel Room with Kids

Yes, taking excursions with kids is fun for sure. But at some point, they drive you crazy with their behavior. It is especially more difficult to handle them in the hotel room. So, here are some tips for you to survive in the hotel room with .

Tips to keep your Hotel Room Baby Proof

1. Check the Hotel Room for any dangers or hazards.

Inspect the entire room as soon as you settle down. There might be unattended wires, … Read More

Hyderabad hotel booking

7 Questions to Ask to Snag the Best Hotel Room

Hyderabad, the royal city of the Nizam, known for its architectural splendour and the gateway to the Deccan part of India, is now one of the fastest growing cities in India. Apart from being a healthcare and industrial city, the city has made rapid strides in the field of information technology and biotechnology to meet the growing demands and providing the best talent to the modern world. With the growth and the added impetus to modernization, there is a Read More

Book Hotel in Hyderabad

10 Things to Consider Before Booking a Hotel in Hyderabad

Nizams have ruled the state and the state still has the golden dust of NIZAMNESS. So its known for travel and experience. In case you also wish to tour the city, then it would be wise to stay in a Hotel in Hyderabad which gives you a package of accommodation as well as sightseeing. Not all the hotels offer such packages but good hotels from Hyderabad have such facilities.

The jewellers to the sari, the movies-politics. Everything makes the … Read More

Budget Hotels in Hyderabad

Traveling the Economical Lifestyle at Budget Hotels in Hyderabad

Travelling the economical lifestyle is crucial for numerous reasons one of them being: The less we spend on stay, the more time we can explore! Knowing how to travel on a budget and economical way allows you to have more time and saving, sustaining less revenue while on trips. While accommodations are the biggest part of expenditure for any stay, finding the right budget hotels in Hyderabad or opting for a 3 star hotels in Hyderabad rather than a … Read More

business hotels in hyderabad

Guide for Selecting Business Hotels in Hyderabad

When it comes to spending on business travel than not all the business travelers are empowered to choose their preferred brands of travel services, airlines, or Business Hotels in Hyderabad, especially when they are not the ones who are paying for it.

Interestingly, finding a cheap yet convenient hotel in Hyderabad is more like a hope, rather than an expectation. Hyderabad, being a city of amuses and culture hosts several spots to explore along with your business tour. For … Read More

6 things to do in Hyderabad in 2016

Hyderabad is one of the most popular cities of India. Commonly  known as the city of pearls, this place has a lot to offer to you. If you visit Hyderabad, there is not a single thing, but quite a number of things which you do when you are on a tour of this beautiful  city.

If we compare to other cities of India, then Hyderabad has a huge number of  options where  you can enjoy and explore the most.  … Read More