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The Moghlai Food Festival @ K Sky Grill

The Moghlai Food Festival @ K Sky Grill
The Moghlai Food Festival @ K Sky Grill

The 10 day long Moghlai Food Festival began from Friday 8th November 2013 at the K Sky Grill in Katriya Hotel and Towers and will last till 17th November. A fantastic Moguls period’s ambience has been created at K Sky Grill with subtle magnitude of Ghazals in the backdrop raising the spirits of richness in pleasure.

“Moghlai” cuisine – The extremely favourite cuisine to almost all is an ancient tradition of Mughal Empire’s imperial kitchen’s cooking style. The cooking style is prominent in North India (especially Uttar Pradesh and Delhi), Pakistan, Bangladesh and the south Indian city of Hyderabad. Hyderabad is a place for tasting the spice of food from Moguls and Nawabs. The tastes of Moghlai cuisine vary from extremely mild to spicy. It has the rich flavours associated with a distinctive aroma and the taste of ground and whole spices.

The Moghlai Food Festival from 8th Nov to 17th November 2013 is an expression and reflection of the Katriya Hotel and Towers to give shape to the pleasant idea of alluring guests with the scrumptious food offerings through traditional cooking style of Moguls period. The ambience around the restaurant has been lifted to get the feel and outlook of rich Moguls period. The true elegant gala of Ghazals in the backdrop has the feel aroused in the beauty of love, pain, pleasure which gets invoked by the form of Dari poetry and Urdu poetry. They are real poetic expression of both the pain of loss or separation and the pleasure of love in spite of that pain.

K Sky Grill brings in the true treasure of Spice of Food and Spark of Ghazals for creating enchanting moments for guests. The restaurant offers New Menu Each Day for the long 10 day festival with wide varieties of delicious dishes. There is an unlimited offer of Drinks, Starters, Buffet, and Ghazals. The menu has Veg & Non Veg Starters, Veg & Non Veg Biriyanis, Rotis & Nans, Curries, Shahi Tangadi Kebab, Galzoti Kebab, Murg Noorjehani, Gosht Sami Kebab, Fish Kabiraji, Paneer Kabiraji, Tandoori Malai Paneer, Mughuls Bharwan Allo, Chicken Champ, Prawn Masala, Kulfi, Faloodha many more and coke or Mocktail.

K Sky Grill is presenting two types of offers, the Rs.999/- Offer Unlimited Beer or White Spirits with Unlimited Starters Followed by Buffet and the Rs.1499/- offer – Unlimited Brown Spirits or Wine with Unlimited Starters Followed by Buffet.

Get into your lively spirits to enjoy tasty food and unlimited fun at K Sky Grill’s Moghlai Food Festival. You can have a gala time with all your family members, friends, colleagues and loved ones. Don’t miss the spicy opportunity to explore the tastes of the Moghlai cuisine and lovely drinks. You can also enjoy the treasures in the rich gestures of Ghazals and Geets which can give immense pleasure and happiness. Come treat yourself with a Mughul empirical style of food, gesture, fun in the greatly aroused ambience around you.

Give the richness to yourself by all means of food, drink and fun at the one and only superior Moghlai Food Festival from 8th Nov to 17th November 2013 at K Sky Grill.

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