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13 Travel Experts Reveal the Best Travel Apps So Far Used

Forget the armchair explorer : this is the age of the pocket traveller. Since smartphones burst onto the market, developers have come up with a wide range of travel apps designed to make your travel smoother, cheaper and more enjoyable. Business travelers are becoming more and more dependent on mobile devices – and why shouldn’t they?

There are many travel apps but it’s difficult to decide which one is the best 😀 So, we’ve rounded up a selection of the best travel apps by asking travel experts a question – “Which 2 travel apps could you not live without?” 13 travel experts shared the best travel apps they found useful before and during travel.

So, we have compiled the responses and put them together here in the order in which we have received the reply from travel experts. We are sure these suggestions of handy apps for travel will help you prepare for your journey and keep you connected and informed.

Let’s share the Opinions of travel experts on the best Travel Apps to streamline your travel

1. Nilabh Ranjan –  Travelescape

travel apps

My favorite travel apps are
(i) TripAdvisor– for all travel related info, reviews.
(ii) Airbnb– for offbeat stays.
Connect with Nilabh Ranjan: Facebook, Twitter

2. Shubham Mansingka – Travelshoebum

apps for travel

Although I do not use many applications, yet.
(i) Goibibo for knowing the prices of hotels and home stays where I can stay when I travel.
(ii) LP Fast Talk for quick conversations in Italian, German, French & Spanish.
These might be the two I use frequently when I travel.
Connect with Shubham Mansingka: Twitter, Instagram

3. Elita – Have Feet Will Travel

traveling apps
Well for me besides Google Maps, of course, it would be:
(i) Trip Advisor
(ii) National Train Enquiry System (NTES)
Connect with Elita: Facebook, Twitter

 4. Anuradha Shankar – A Wandering Mind

 apps for travel

My two favorite travel apps are
(i) M indicator, since I use public transport while in Mumbai
(ii) NTES since I most often take the train while on my travels.
Connect With Anuradha Shankar: Facebook, Twitter

5. Shilpa Mary George – Chasing Sunsets

best travel app
For inspiration,
(i) Pinterest & Instagram
(ii) Skyscanner is the other one that I constantly use 🙂
Connect with Shilpa Mary George: Facebook, Twitter

6. Archana Singh – Travelseewrite

best apps for travel

There are no clear-cut favourite apps. I use apps as per the need. For example, when I want to share my travel stories and connect with others then I use Instagram and Twitter. When I want to plan my holidays then I use TripAdvisor and Skyscanner.

Connect with Archana Singh: Facebook, Twitter

7. Ankita Shreeram – Trail Stained Fingers

travel apps
(i) Google Maps
(ii) MakeMyTrip!
I don’t use these innovative new apps 😛
Connect with Ankita Shreeram: Facebook, Twitter

8. Oindrila De – Oindrila Goes Footloose

They’ll be makemytrip and tripadvisor
Connect with Oindrila De: Facebook, Twitter

9. Yayawar – Yayawar

I’d not say that I’ve come across any particular travel app (by app, I mean a mobile app) that fulfills my travel requirements. Yes the one I use for navigating is Sygic maps and another one that I know is coming soon is ScoutMyTrip.
 Connect with Yayawar : Facebook, Twitter

10. Rutavi Mehta – Photo Katha

best travel apps

However, my two travel apps, skyscanner and airbnb.

(i) Skyscanner because I can use the everywhere option regularly to check the cheapest flight from my destination and to cheapest location.

(ii) Airbnb is because I love to stay with locals and experience the culture than the hotels.

Connect with Rutavi Mehta : Facebook, Twitter

11. Medhavi Davda – Ravenous Legs

apps for travel
Google Maps
I don’t use any other app for my travels.
Connect with Medhavi Davda : Facebook, Twitter

12. Shivya Nath – The Shooting Star

best apps to use
I guess I can’t live without Instagram – because I love sharing snippets of my travels
Google Maps – because I’m terrible with directions 😉
Connect with Shivya Nath : Facebook, Twitter

13. Umang Trivedi – Travel Max

best travel app
I love Couchsurfing because it helps to meet locals and other travelers, along with hosts. Also, I like HolidayIQ app because it has extensive data which can help in planning a trip.
Connect with Umang Trivedi : Facebook, Twitter


See, how mobile technology has changed the way we travel 🙂 Make sure you have these traveling apps to find the best deals on flights and hotels, track locations etc.
Katriya Hotel and Towers Thanks all the travel experts for responding and also the one’s who could not respond 🙂

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