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Night lovers will never want to escape this spot - Kasaull restaurant in Hyderabad. It is a place where anyone would love to chill their evening out with friends, family or colleagues. Kasaull represents a harmonious blend of contemporary and traditional sophistication.

Being one of the most visually spectacular restaurants in Hyderabad, the Indian styled multi cuisine lounge comes with beautifully and thoughtfully decorated interiors. Kasaull restaurant seamlessly weds the traditional Indian theme with easy palette of personalized furnishings.

The chefs of Kasaull – Hyderabad restaurant, have taken the food to a new dimension with unique presentation, innovative cooking and unusual pairing and creation. The menu is rich with Indian recipes that have been evolved to next level. Kasaull retains the traditional taste and associates it with an all new modern exoticness and cooking ways.

The restaurant is vast spaced with full privacy to each visitors and the dessert station is a visual treat for all. The dim lit interiors make the space cozy and comfortable, and the unique sitting arrangement have been applauded by every single customer. Our spices and ingredients are handpicked and made with excellence.

The famous curries and soup collection is worth a try for all Katriya Hotel accommodators. The hall of Fame of the Kasaull restaurant in Hyderabad speaks a lot about our quality and taste. Visit us for a coffee and stay for the buffet! The grand opening of our restaurant is always waiting for you.

For Booking Kasaull Restaurant in Hyderabad, Call us at +91- 40- 23325678, 4066135678 or drop your message here.

Restaurant Menu

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